Can artificial intelligence change customer service in the future?

Nowadays, it’s hard to avoid thinking about how much we’ve come to depend on Apple’s virtual assistants since Siri was introduced in 2010. However, artificial intelligence is hitting a pinnacle, where it’s now having the opportunity to integrate with our everyday lives, and in new ways is coming up with unique ideas for bots.

To accommodate the desires of shoppers, who expect a smooth and omnichannel shopping experience, retailers have to be vigilant and provide only creative shopping approaches. It’s this reason why the retail sector didn’t lose the opportunity to use interactive guides online and in-store.

A customer service robot has transitioned from a simplistic piece of software that executes limited procedures to becoming a self-governing personal shopping concierge that facilitates all types of customer interactions. They can lead consumers through a store full of bricks-and-mortar products or they can accept orders in an online store or both. They can make recommendations to customers and record data from customers, of course.

AI vs human resources

Messenger-based commerce has now arrived and consumers and retailers communicate more with each other through different messengers. Integrated into a website, linked to social media, or programmed into chatbots, these technologies provide the merchant with valuable, responsive communication capabilities. More importantly, sales bots gather large amounts of shopper data and use it to offer personalized offers. Brick-and-and-and-mortar ready shoppers becoming users for an increased percentage of in-app and web orders.

This is the kind of work that humans may do, but is it done as efficiently by AI-enabled assistants? Quite the same. According to the State of Customer Service 2016, 21% of customers making communication via social networking on a brand report getting an answer that is almost immediately across all platforms is a possibility, including though the store is open, claims it is possible to stay online all day. Additionally, service providers can send instant responses to their customers by posing questions such as How did you find us? or Would there be anything more we might do to meet your needs?

In order to get a perfect answer for customer care, exclude human elements like poor moods and low morale from a bot’s equation. Due to this, stores are already employing AI-powered personal assistants, and the chances of being overlooked by customers are slim. One might say, But don’t worry, chatbots are here to distract customers, they are also to improve the consumer experience and make it omni-channelized. Here are the sample problem statements.

Our digital applications of artificial intelligence: personal assistants and chatbots

Customers are generally receptive to technologies involving bots the fact that over 3 million Amazon Echo devices have been shipped in fewer than two years demonstrates this point.

COGNITIONTEAM has already taken major strides toward automated advisors: we chose to improve the consumer experience associated with everyday activity management through the use of smart technologies. We worked with artificial intelligence-powered technologies in retail and developed tools to make it simpler for both retailers and their customers.

Our expert team created a voice-activated shopping assistant for smart refrigerators to assist consumers in completing purchases faster by using voice commands rather than contact experiences. The shopping bot understands and responds to the human voice, allowing users to search an online grocery store, connect, delete, or modify products in their cart, and complete the checkout process immediately by simply speaking to a refrigerator.

Another COGNITIONTEAM AI experiment is a Gift Recommender method, which is suitable for selecting appropriate presents for children of various ages. Browsing a website in pursuit of a gift may be a lengthy method. That is why we provide users with the opportunity to engage with a bot-analog of a human shopping consultant, addressing basic questions about gift parameters and children’s preferences in order to decide the most appropriate present variants. As a part of this engagement, consumers obtained a customized selection of suitable presents for a special kid, saved time, and enjoyed an effortless shopping experience. Your rewards include a devoted following and increased profits.

Increase the effectiveness of your company by implementing Artificial Intelligence.

Machines become powerful agents in this modern period of cognitive teamwork, completing assignments, and assisting firms in expanding their services. They reshape the consumer experience by assisting with decision-making and streamlining the customer path.

Through clever retail solutions, you’ll discover entirely different ways to improve the business method and draw more buyers. Contact us and we’ll assist you in ensuring that your offerings are innovative enough to keep up with the market.

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